WEEK 2 – Discarding ideas. Proposal submission.

The proposal must be submitted this week so I have to think about the ideas I came up with and get rid of a couple of them.

The first idea I thought about was some sort of corridor, building hall or entrance, or even a staircaise. In this case I think I could achieve a decent result but, it is harder to tell a story by showing a simple corridor. It could lose that corridor feeling if I fill the scene with a lot of objects but on the other hand it could feel very empty if I don’t put anything but doors and walls so I ended up discarding this idea.

The second idea I came up with was to make a store, which eventually led me to think about a bar. Creating a credible bar would require me to stop in tons of little details but we don’t have that much time to face this project. It is true that this second idea seems more attractive than the first one to me but I believe I have to discard it as well.

So there is only one idea remaining. This third idea is the one is a scene half room half laboratory. -I think it is easier to tell something through an environment like this by placing some objects out of place or maybe destroying some of them as if one of the experiments carried out there had gone wrong.

With my mind already clarified, I had to organise every bit of information, check what I must include in my proposal (as well as the marking criteria)  and write it.



PS: Here you found attached my proposal final draft which is the one I submitted.