WEEK 1 – Initial ideas

This is the first entry of my development blog. Here I will share my progress during my final year project so that I can easily show to my tutors and classmates my achievements so far.

In this week’s entry I’m writing about the ideas that came up to my mind during the first half of the course and during the christmas break.

First of all, and obviously, I would like to include this environment as a important piece in my portfolio so I can get a job once I finish university. The company I’m aiming to apply as an environment artist is ELITE3D (based in Valencia, Spain) and these are the requirements they ask for:

Link: https://www.elite3d.com/work-with-us/


I love Sci-Fi, futuristic settings, specially cyberpunk, so this will be the starting point.

Considering my previous experiences and my current skill set, I will go for an interior environment, but I still have to think  a bit more to narrow my options because I have different scenes going around my head.

OPTION 1: Corridor/Building hall/Staircase


OPTION 2: Store/Bar


OPTION3: Laboratory/Room