WEEK 5 – Time measuring

This week I have been working in a couple more assets (see at the end of this post) but my main task during these days was, as I already mentioned in last week’s post, going through the whole asset creation process from the modeling to the texturing. Doing this I have been able to measure the time it took me and after making some calculations these are the results:

-Low poly: 1h 40m

-High poly: 45m

-UV: 1h 30

-Map baking: 15m

-Texturing: 1h

-Total: 5h 10m

*Note: A fridge was the asset I chose. It is a quite simple one so I believe the final amount of hours could vary depending on how difficult the model or textures are. I estimate time could go up to 8-9h if the asset is more difficult.

In addition I tried to import the scene into unreal but I bumped into some problems I will try to fix in this following week by importing my assets one by one.

Low poly – 1200 polys
High poly – 332k polys

WEEK 4 – Blocking update + First assets

I know this post is technically being written in week 5 but it contains my work from last week.

I added to the blocking the broken wall made of bricks I mentioned in the last entry and modeled the first assets.

Chemical Waste Container
Floating Chair
Filing Cabinet
Filing Cabinet – Short Version
Screen/Digital Blackboard
Soft drink can

I’m planning to model some more objects this week as well as going through the whole process with one of my assets from modelling to texturing and importing into engine so I can measure how much time does it take me to create an item and make some calculations and decisions for my next steps in the project.

In addition, I will import the assets into the blocking so I can replace their older blocked out versions. Once I’ve replace them I will import the scene into Unreal to set some lights and cameras.

WEEK 4 – Blocking tweaks + Extra Research

Last week I was asked for even more information to make my scene stronger in storytelling terms.

So I decided that the building in which my lab is in, was not built in 2107 but was restored and reconditioned from a previous building that was already there. This building is the Department of Polish Language and Literature so it is somehow a building belonging to the University of Krakow. The fact that I miss is to know if this is public or private, although I do not consider it to be something especially relevant. I’ve been thinking about how a Language Department ended up having clandestine labs in it and I came up with an idea. The building could have been reconditioned as a medicine/engineering faculty so experiments could be held there (maybe by the most outstanding students who are kidnapped and forced to work).

The laboratory is located in the building highlighted in blue

In addition, the lab is placed in the first underground level, 5 meters aproximately below the ground floor. But there’s even deeper levels (and this is one of the changes I made to the blocking)

The month in which my environment is set is October and the time of the day is late night (23:00-00:00). Due to this, the sound effects I will add in future stages of my FYP could vary from the ones I woul have choosen if everything was set in a lunch break in mid June, for example.


Knowing all these facts, it’s time to attach a screen capture with the few changes I made to my initial blocking. The changes are:

-Extension of the staircase

-Adding a bit more space

-Adding a second door with another staircase going even further down

-Broken wall*

This one is not still added but I’m thinking of placing a broken wall in front of the door that leads to a deeper level. (I was thinking in a hole similar as the holes seen in Figure 1 and 2). So it looks like it was initially sealed/hidden but the person working there discovered it in one of his/her attempts to escape.

Figure 2
Blocking after applying changes

WEEK 3 – First blocking

First of all, and before I started creating my blocking, I was asked for some specific information about my environment so I can provide greater credibility to the scene.

The room is located in Krakow, in the crossing between Saint Giles street (Swietego Idziego) and Stradomska street.

The builiding year of construction is 2107 and the actual environment is meant to be set in 2141.

Considering all this I created this blocking using 3D Studio Max and tried to set up some lights in Unreal Engine but I had some troubles while using it that I still have to solve. Anyway from now on I will go to Athena labs to work there so the problem is not that big deal.


WEEK 2 – Discarding ideas. Proposal submission.

The proposal must be submitted this week so I have to think about the ideas I came up with and get rid of a couple of them.

The first idea I thought about was some sort of corridor, building hall or entrance, or even a staircaise. In this case I think I could achieve a decent result but, it is harder to tell a story by showing a simple corridor. It could lose that corridor feeling if I fill the scene with a lot of objects but on the other hand it could feel very empty if I don’t put anything but doors and walls so I ended up discarding this idea.

The second idea I came up with was to make a store, which eventually led me to think about a bar. Creating a credible bar would require me to stop in tons of little details but we don’t have that much time to face this project. It is true that this second idea seems more attractive than the first one to me but I believe I have to discard it as well.

So there is only one idea remaining. This third idea is the one is a scene half room half laboratory. -I think it is easier to tell something through an environment like this by placing some objects out of place or maybe destroying some of them as if one of the experiments carried out there had gone wrong.

With my mind already clarified, I had to organise every bit of information, check what I must include in my proposal (as well as the marking criteria)  and write it.



PS: Here you found attached my proposal final draft which is the one I submitted.



WEEK 1 – Initial ideas

This is the first entry of my development blog. Here I will share my progress during my final year project so that I can easily show to my tutors and classmates my achievements so far.

In this week’s entry I’m writing about the ideas that came up to my mind during the first half of the course and during the christmas break.

First of all, and obviously, I would like to include this environment as a important piece in my portfolio so I can get a job once I finish university. The company I’m aiming to apply as an environment artist is ELITE3D (based in Valencia, Spain) and these are the requirements they ask for:

Link: https://www.elite3d.com/work-with-us/


I love Sci-Fi, futuristic settings, specially cyberpunk, so this will be the starting point.

Considering my previous experiences and my current skill set, I will go for an interior environment, but I still have to think  a bit more to narrow my options because I have different scenes going around my head.

OPTION 1: Corridor/Building hall/Staircase


OPTION 2: Store/Bar


OPTION3: Laboratory/Room