What about the older male victims of domestic abuse?

Written by Dr Nikki Carthy, Senior lecturer in Psychology at Teesside University, Centre for Applied Psychological Science, Vulnerable Victims and Offenders in the Criminal Justice System theme. Email:  n.carthy@tees.ac.uk Much of what we know about domestic and intimate partner violence comes from research that focuses on female victims and male perpetrators. Furthermore, much of what … Continue reading “What about the older male victims of domestic abuse?”

The Narrative Identity Development of Young Offenders

Written by, Dr Laura Jackson. Dr Laura Jackson completed the research while she was a Counselling Psychology trainee at Teesside University. I decided to conduct a piece of research which focussed on young offenders and the process of rehabilitation. Since completing a MSc in Forensic Psychology, I’ve always been interested in understanding offending behaviour. A … Continue reading “The Narrative Identity Development of Young Offenders”

CAPS research themes

The centre for applied psychological science is organised around four core research themes in which our members have achieved national and international prominence: Health and Well-Being The number of people living with a health condition(s) is increasing and is detrimental to an individual as well as society as a whole. It is known that health inequalities are related … Continue reading “CAPS research themes”

Welcome to the Centre for Applied Psychological Science (CAPS) research blog

CAPS aims to bridge the gap between theoretical research and applied practice by providing evidence-based solutions to real-world problems. We specialise in research that contributes to knowledge in the academic community and beyond to have a significant contribution to the public, practitioners, policy-makers and the wider community. CAPS is guided by an interdisciplinary approach that … Continue reading “Welcome to the Centre for Applied Psychological Science (CAPS) research blog”