Exciting blog relaunch – Jan 2023

Centre for Applied Psychological Science research blog has been quiet over the past few months but lots has been going on behind the scenes. We are looking forward to sharing all of our new research with our readers. Watch out for our exciting blog relaunch in the new year.  

Geography and Religion Made Us Who We Are

Written by Dr Paul Sander, Lecturer in Psychology, Centre of Applied Psychological Science. Email: P.sander@tees.ac.uk Understanding human behaviour requires an appreciation of social history, anthropology and archaeology (Tileagă & Byford, 2014), from which comes an awareness that people always sense, interpret and respond in a social, historical, economic and geographic context.  Geographical psychology (Rentfrow, 2014) … Continue reading “Geography and Religion Made Us Who We Are”

Type 1 Diabetes and Mental Health: Influence of Age at Diabetes Onset

Written by   Megan Hanrahan, former BSc Psychology Student at Teesside University. The following study was completed as a final year project in partial fulfilment of the BSc Psychology Course at Teesside University. The project was supervised by Dr Sarah Allen,  Lecturer in Psychology at Teesside University; email: s.allen@tees.ac.uk   Why can coping with a chronic … Continue reading “Type 1 Diabetes and Mental Health: Influence of Age at Diabetes Onset”