Tenth Update (Final)

Last updateeeee!

I added a turn mechanic that imitates how the game should work with my artefact. Each turn there is the basic removal of favor (-10 favor each turn, how it normally works in the game), hecatombs work the same ( 100 cattle for 80 favor from a god and you have to wait 5 turns for them to refresh),each turn every god gets -0.01 LP if they have positive amounts or +0.005 if they have negative amounts.

I also added a turn counter, useful, you know.

The newest version of the show menu!
Turn text code.
Each turn the Like Points get balanced, negative/positive gets to 0.
This is inside the Test node, it checks for balance and outputs the modified LP amount.
This part removes 10 favor and the last part adds 1 turn to the god counter.

Also changed the random chances, from Zeus and Hera, the random chances for LP exchange:

Zeus gets a random amount between -0.05 and 0.05 LP from Hera
Hera gets a random amount between -0.1 and 0.1 LP from Zeus
Only the biggest changes, I know!
Those were all the gameplay updates.
I also did some small cleaning for the people that need to check my artefact.
Made a bit of order in the node monster.
A better view of the cleaning on the main god LP distribution system.

And this is all! This was a great journey, full of late blog updates. See you the next assignment if I have to use this blog ever again!