Divine Will Upgrade – First Update

Hello, this is the first update on my Troy project. Here I will explain the basics of what I am going to do.

As we all know the Trojan War wasn’t only a war between the factions, but between the Olympian Gods as well. So, I am concentrating on this dynamic by adding a system of positive or negative responses from each god when worshiping another or when they stop being worshiped.  

I want to work with this dynamic to gain more knowledge in the field of game balancing and player choice, also because the game itself was very lacking in player consequences making the Divine Will mechania very basic one. 

This artefact will add different relations between the gods, when one is chosen (for example Heraother gods will take a positive stance (for example Zeus), meaning adding different positive buffs if he is currently worshiped or will be worshiped, but there will not be only positive stances, gods who are not in a great relation with the chosen god (for example Aphrodite) will gain debuffs. Those “likes” and “dislikes” will be based on actual mythology, taken from different historical sources. The artefact will also add negative effects when the player stops worshiping the god, making the player think again when choosing another one. 

So far I was thinking of those relations:

Hate: Hera-Aphrodite-Athena and Poseidon-Zeus

I would have added Hera-Zeus to the Like category, but their relationship is mythologically fluctuating, Hera being extremely jealous.

Anyways, this is all for the first update. See you in the next one.