Fifth Update!

This is the fifth update for the blog and this time I didn’t forget it, I hope.

I managed to sneak in some new features for the closed menu, for example a display of the current “Like Points”(Not final name). It just divides the amount of points to -10 if it is negative and to 10 if it is positive and it displays it as a bar.

The improved closed menu.
On the left is in the designer and on the right is in the game.
Increasing and decreasing some points.
The improved closed menu showing the stats.

I also finished with the Iliad and the Odyssey. Long and old, sometimes boring, sometimes interesting, but I got trough and got some notes I will try to explain in the next blog update, hooray for cliff hangers!

Update Four

Seems like I forgot to publish this entry, great, amazing even, so here we go:

This blog post is not that interesting. I am deep in the research phase, nearly done with the basics of the Iliad and going a bit with the lore of the Odyssey, for some more god chemistry. I also decided that for the time being the negative effects each god gets to be equal to -10% of the positive effects they grant for each negative point they gather in my system.


Hera when she is Respected as a goddess grants you the following:

+20% missile attack for slingers
-7% recruitment costs for units in provinces where you have 50% influence

But when she gets one negative point she will debuff you as follows:

-2% missile attack for slingers
+0.7% recruitment costs for units in provinces where you have 50% influence

Sure they don’t seem that bad, but the debuffs stack up with each negative point.

That was all so far, next blog post will be a bit more actual development.

Update three

This one is very late, but hey, it is here.

I apparently forgot to add Apollo… Yea it is fixed, he is here and ready to be worshiped.

This is the Apollo button code, for now he deducts points from Hera and adds half of them to Zeus.
Here you can see the updated god page (Now with Apollo!) I also added an open/close feature to it.
Here is the closed menu, it is fairly simple, just press it and the god menu pops up!
This is how the close/open buttons work, they cast to the main game mode blueprints, where the Show/Hide functions are.
The Hide and Show functions simply remove all widgets on the screen and show their respective ones.

Mostly all I had made in Unreal in the week.

I started reading the Iliad to gather info on how the god dynamics work! Lovely!

That is all for this week, see you in the next update, that will be even less eventful!

Update Two

I know this one is a bit late, but not that late.

This week was full of fun stuff, I started work on the Unreal base for the project:

Basic UI to test the system
This is the basic UI in the default state, no changes happened yet.
Basic UI showing what it is capable of
Basic UI Tested, worshipped gods in different am0unts.
This is the base code for the Hera Button
Hera Button Code. When you press the Hera Button it adds to the worshipping status, also adds to the debuffs of other gods that are in conflict with her (like/dislikes temporary)
This is all the base code for pressing the buttons
Base Code, most of them similar (like/dislikes temporary)
Fast Cast function for fast casting
Fast Cast function, made so I don’t have to call the game mode.
Different floats set for the gods
Different floats set for the gods, those are where the different statuses are found

It functions just like a base of the normal Devine Will.

I also started playing the game, kind of got into it. I hope my addition would work very good with this and I found a The 300 to watch!

It is a short update but this is a lot for me.

Divine Will Upgrade – First Update

Hello, this is the first update on my Troy project. Here I will explain the basics of what I am going to do.

As we all know the Trojan War wasn’t only a war between the factions, but between the Olympian Gods as well. So, I am concentrating on this dynamic by adding a system of positive or negative responses from each god when worshiping another or when they stop being worshiped.  

I want to work with this dynamic to gain more knowledge in the field of game balancing and player choice, also because the game itself was very lacking in player consequences making the Divine Will mechania very basic one. 

This artefact will add different relations between the gods, when one is chosen (for example Heraother gods will take a positive stance (for example Zeus), meaning adding different positive buffs if he is currently worshiped or will be worshiped, but there will not be only positive stances, gods who are not in a great relation with the chosen god (for example Aphrodite) will gain debuffs. Those “likes” and “dislikes” will be based on actual mythology, taken from different historical sources. The artefact will also add negative effects when the player stops worshiping the god, making the player think again when choosing another one. 

So far I was thinking of those relations:

Hate: Hera-Aphrodite-Athena and Poseidon-Zeus

I would have added Hera-Zeus to the Like category, but their relationship is mythologically fluctuating, Hera being extremely jealous.

Anyways, this is all for the first update. See you in the next one.