Environmental scene design 1

I designed the scene where the fox is. The color of the picture is mainly yellow and gray. And the stones and dead trees in the picture have more details.


I  add a light source to the right of the screen.


Stone and tree design

I spent some time designing the details of these two objects.Although these two objects exist only as backgrounds

The Storyboard 1

This is the first storyboard I designed. It involves 2 scenes and 2 animals, mainly describing the encounter between the fox and the unicorn.This section focuses on the characterization of the environment and the  animal movements.

PART1 Animal Design

I am going to design 2 animal characters:fox and unicorn. Currently I just draw some design sketches. In the final work, these characters may become 2D cartoon characters. But design  are also required. I started with muscles and bones. In order to design a role more vividly.