Environmental scene design 1

I designed the scene where the fox is. The color of the picture is mainly yellow and gray. And the stones and dead trees in the picture have more details.


I  add a light source to the right of the screen.


Stone and tree design

I spent some time designing the details of these two objects.Although these two objects exist only as backgrounds

The Storyboard 1

This is the first storyboard I designed. It involves 2 scenes and 2 animals, mainly describing the encounter between the fox and the unicorn.This section focuses on the characterization of the environment and the  animal movements.

PART1 Animal Design

I am going to design 2 animal characters:fox and unicorn. Currently I just draw some design sketches. In the final work, these characters may become 2D cartoon characters. But design  are also required. I started with muscles and bones. In order to design a role more vividly.


I designed a scene with Oriental Fantasy style. On this background, my design style should be fantastic and with the concept of the East. There should be many amazing creatures in this scenario. So the current task is to design some animals based on the scene. I also have an idea that animals can become human and these humans have animal characteristics.


About this project i want to create a 2D animation with live2D technology. I mianly used Moho12(Anime Studio) and Live2D these two software.  This is my first time to use new software to create a 2D animation . It’s a challenge for me, but I will try my best.