Last shot and Summary

The lens is set behind the unicorn, so the fox appears to have short legs from top to bottom. The action here is also made with frame animation.

Sometimes drawing an anime character with three-quarters of the angle, frame animation is better than the rigging 2D animation.

This work is mainly to study the motions of some animals and express them in 2D animation. Deformation of limbs and rhythm of movement during animal movement are the main points to be explored.

Body deformation involves the rules of motion of bouncy balls, deformation occurs when an object is subjected to or exerted a force.

The rhythm of movement is mainly the speed of movement of bodys in different movements.

When I finished this assignment, my tutor and classmates gave me a lot of valuable advice, including the improvement of the role action and different ways of animation production(key frame animation and rigging animation).This animation assignment is also very helpful for me to master the relevant rules of animation principles, including the design of storyboard, the relationship between scenes and roles, and so on.



Frame Animation 2 (bouncy balls)

The fox rushed into the cave to run, and I used the principle of the bouncy ball to apply in the fox jump motion. After the fox runs and jumps, the whole body is stretched, and then the upward movement force causes the fox body to touch the wall to deform – the whole body becomes round.

Here is the action decomposition:

Understanding the movement of the bouncy ball is good for the production of animation.

What is bouncy balls?

When thrown against a hard surface, bouncy balls retain their momentum and much of their kinetic energy (or, if dropped, convert much of their potential energy to kinetic energy). They can thus rebound with an appreciable fraction of their original force.



Frame Animation 1

I re-conceived the development of the story to make the story more complete, and I also started using frame animation to express some knowledge about body mechanics.

I redrawed some new scenes。

A little fox found a cave and had the next story. Here is mainly the action of the little fox looking sideways at the cave.

video link:

Wings test

About the action of the hummingbird wings. I didn’t use the method of making keyframes like traditional 2D animation. I used moho12 new software features – Triangulate 2D Mesh. I can make some triangle meshes and control the shape of the flat picture by changing the position of the triangle mesh.

video link:


Then I test my hummingbird wings by using “Triangulate 2D Mesh”.

video link: