Week 14: Textures, Skinning and Poses

The final week of the project. Its been an incredible experience and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. However even though it was the final week it was no less busy and hard work.

Texturing was done using a combination of Substance Painter and Photoshop. Substance Designer was originally planned to help build some of the textures but due to how well the sculpt detail had baked I deemed it unnecessary for this model.

Base colours were added to the mesh very basically at first with the colours being picked directly from the concept art. I then blended the colours before working on the roughness values across the body before finally adding the emissive elements. The texture maps were exported with the albedo being adjusted in Photoshop to clean up some small areas.

With the bone structure in place from the previous week I began on the skinning. Starting with the main body mesh. This was very challenging due to my lack of experience but I learnt a lot from this in how to create a skinned mesh that looks and deforms naturally. I will continue to develop my skinning with future projects to make sure I improve but also to get the most out of the meshes I create. Despite the challenge it has been very rewarding to be able to manipulate my model in this way to create dynamic poses.

Below are beauty shots of the three different final poses rendered in Marmoset Toolbag. Overall despite a few nit-picks and personal criticisms I am overjoyed with the final result of this project. It has been a labor of love that turned out far better than I expected this time 12 weeks ago but it has been such a rewarding and useful learning experience.