Week 3: Developed Concepts and 3D Start

This weeks primary focus has been to properly develop the design and get it to a stage where I could make headway with the 3D  elements of the project.

I found if I am going to create a realistic creature I need a full skeleton to base it from. This was the first point to the week was to work out the bodies skeleton. The base for this was a Therapod dinosaur but I wanted to keep the element I liked from the sea dragon where the rib cage curves inwards. With a dinosaur this doesn’t normally happen so I kept the change within reason.

I was very happy with the body but even in my thumbnails an idea that hadn’t really been explored was the arm appendages. With this in mind I did a page looking at other dinosaurs for reference while at the same time trying something different and more unique. Looking more at monster hunter which is one of the main sources of inspiration for this project, I settled on the arm that incorporated the leaves as this would balance and work well with the back of the creature.

With all the bones finished I built on them to do a muscle pass. The muscle pass is important to make sure the sculpt conforms to a proper body structure. This page proved an interesting challenge but I also used it for figuring out the creatures scale. As a preparation  for sculpting this is quite easily the most useful artwork so far.

To end the week I used the muscle pass to begin in 3D. Though very primitive at this stage I began on the zspheres. These form the basic shape that i can use as opposed to building a mesh from scratch in 3DS Max.

Overall I am happy with the weeks progress and very happy to now be starting with the sculpt and closing the concept stage.