Week 8

This week, I had plans to complete my model, as well as make a high-poly version and unwrap the UVs. All I had to do was create the dragon head that would serve as the base of the glaive.

This was primarily done using cubes and lattices, which allowed me to freely transform the different aspects of the model, as it is the most complex part of my weapon. The final shape I made looked almost perfect compared to the concept art I created in the first few weeks.

The next step would be unfolding my UVs in preparation for texturing. This was simple enough as I have unfolded similar shapes in a couple other models I’ve experimented in.

Once I had this finished, I needed to create a high-poly model that I would be able to use to bake on to my textures. This was done relatively easily as I a lot of my model was curved and would translate to a high poly model without issue.