Overall Experience From The Module

Description- Through this module I have produced lots of work that is going to increase my employability and has allowed for me to improve my confidence. I have also completed some subject specific work experience that I probably wouldn’t have completed otherwise. I have also been able to look at different work options including freelance work.

Feelings- This module has made me feel much more positive about my university experience. I’ve found that I have been able to create a better perspective of what is necessary for my future career. I have also been able to produce work that has made me feel more secure in my career choices and helped me begin my professional career.

Evaluation- I found that it was a good experience for the most part. I found that producing working documents was very helpful. I also enjoyed the podcasting experience as it really opened my eyes to different ideas. I unfortunately didn’t really enjoy my work experience and feel like I could’ve gained more from a different company. I am very grateful for the opportunity but I do wish I had tried to find experience in a digital marketing experience.

Analysis- From this experience I have realised how important having a social media presence is. This allows for potential clients and employers to see previous work and see what skills I have. It is also a good way of being able to talk to other digital marketing people and gain an insight into networking events and different softwares that would be effective to use.

Conclusion- From this experience I do wish I had been able to complete the Adobe qualifications that are available whilst I’m a student. I feel like I could’ve tried to complete some extra work experience over the summer if I hadn’t been working full time at my paid job.

Action Plan- In the future I will complete the Adobe qualifications so that I can advertise that I’ve done them on my LinkedIn and add them to my cv. I would also like to complete some more freelance work to add to my portfolio and also restart my personal blog. I would also like to find some work experience for just after graduation for a digital marketing firm.


My Time At Triads

Description- My time at Triads lasted approximately 10 weeks and I worked between 10-20 hours a week. This included content creation for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and their online blog. I also helped to merchandise the woman’s department of the Linthorpe Road store. I also did primary research about competitors for the business and looked at their social media. This allowed for me to create a social media strategy plan which is still being followed. I also helped working on the shop floor by serving customers and picking online orders.

Feelings- After the experience I have mixed feelings, I feel that I didn’t find that my enjoyment was working in the fashion industry which is what I thought I wanted. Instead I found that my enjoyment came from the content creation instead. This has allowed for me to work out that I would like to complete some more work experience in digital marketing in a different field to see if I enjoy it as much.

Evaluation-I found that this experience was good for me. I found that it built up my confidence in a professional setting and also allowed for me to work within the fashion industry. I unfortunately don’t feel like I was able to take loads from the experience as it was cut short and there wasn’t a marketing team who could give me tasks and support.

Analysis- From the situation I was able to gain experience on new softwares and was able to work for a client which I have not done before. I found this was very helpful as it allows for me to put relevant work experience on my CV. I was also able to prove to myself that I am self motivated because I did create my own work and give myself deadlines to complete my work by.

Conclusion- I think if I had the opportunity again I would’ve asked more questions about the company and what they wanted. I would’ve also worked more in the other store as I found that was more informative and that the member of staff working there had a lot of stories and experience I was able to learn from.

Action Plan- From this work experience I have decided to message local businesses and ask if I can complete some free digital marketing for them. I would also like to try and gain some work experience from a digital marketing firm so that I can see what would be expected from me in an entry level position.



Description- In this session we learnt how to podcast. This included a practical activity and learning about how important podcasting can be for marketing. It also showed us how increasingly popular podcasts have become.

Feelings- I was quite interested in this topic as I do listen to a lot of podcasts. It was really informative to go into a podcasting studio and see how it works professionally. I unfortunately didn’t practically partake. This meant that I would struggle if I was to walk into a podcasting studio now to work on a podcast.

Evaluation- I found that this experience was very eye opening and made me consider looking into podcasting. I believe that with the correct concept I would be able to create a fun podcast that I would enjoy doing. The only negative I found was my confidence levels as I don’t think I would have the confidence to produce my own podcast.

Analysis- From this session I have learnt that if I was to become a freelance digital marketer I would suggest that clients try podcasting as an advertising type. This is due to it being able to reach new audiences.

Conclusion- If I could’ve done this task again I would have practically partaken in the session and perhaps booked a session for after the lesson. Just so that I could use the equipment and become more confident with it.

Action Plan- In future I will remember that podcasting is a good way of advertisement and wouldn’t be opposed to guest starring on a podcast. This would also improve my ability to talk in uncomfortable situations which will build my confidence in both my personal and professional life.


Presentation Skills

Description- This session was all about creating confidence for presenting. This is something that I asked for due to negative past experiences. This session included a fun workshop where we were tasked with advertising random products to different members of the class. We were also tasked with producing a presentation about a random topic to present to the class.

Feelings- I found this session very daunting as I do struggle with presenting. I found that the workshop was very fun and I felt comfortable working with my peers. I didn’t feel under pressure and felt at ease talking about a subject for a prolonged amount of time. I did however find the concept of standing in front of the class very daunting and didn’t end up participating.

Evaluation- I felt good about being able to talk in-front of peers and being able to work under pressure as we didn’t have previous research about the topics instead we had to just make things up as I went along. This made me feel a bit better about working under pressure. I did however feel disappointed with myself about not presenting in front of the class as this is something that I really do need to improve on. Especially if I do work freelance as I will have to sell myself to potential clients.

Analysis- From this situation I have learnt that if I do put pressure on myself to try things that make me uncomfortable I am able to do it. I’ve learnt that I will underestimate myself and put myself down, meaning that I don’t allow myself to grow and improve.

Conclusion- If I had the opportunity to do this session again I would’ve ensured that I had pushed myself to present in front of the group so that I could’ve increased my public speaking skills.

Action Plan- In the future I will try and find situations where I am able to improve my public speaking skills. This could include networking events where I have to talk to strangers on the spot, which will build my skills up.


Personal Branding

Description-  In this task we were tasked with producing our own personal branding. This included a professional CV, business card and social medias. This was something that I had started previously however this really allowed for me to focus on improving them.

Feelings- I found this really interesting and would like to continue to grow these. I found it very inspiring to do and found myself looking at professional accounts for inspiration and wanting to create content like themselves. I was happy to increase my LinkedIn connections and have talked to numerous connections since.

Evaluation- I found this task a little difficult due to not having a huge amount of work experience, this meant that I felt that my accounts were lacking content. From this I have learnt that I can produce content for local companies and create a larger portfolio.

Analysis- From this task I have learnt that it is very important to advertise your skills and show your work off to potentially employers and or customers. I also learnt that it is acceptable to message other students and professionals asking for advice.

Conclusions- If I was to complete this task again I would try to have produced more work for a portfolio and also have already talked to local businesses about creating free social media content for them.

Action Plan- From this task I have since talked to local businesses and have began to create social media content for them .This is something that I would really like to continue whilst still at university. I will also continue to grow my LinkedIn network and contact them . This will create more opportunities for networking which could lead to potentially finding a opportunity for employment.


Fashion Freelancing

Description- In this task we were asked to look at freelance work in the field we want to work in, for me this was digital marketing.  From this we were asked to create a freelance value statement and produce a LinkedIn description.

Feelings- I found this very interesting as I have now decided that I would like to look into becoming a previous digital marketer. This meant that I really wanted to look at local freelance marketers to see how they created their businesses. I was able to talk to a freelance digital marketer about her experience and I found this very informative and made me think about what I would take from her journey to implement into my own.

Evaluation- I found this task went successfully as I was able to produce all the work asked. I was also able to network with digital marketers around me and ask for advice and find out how they became freelance. This made me feel more inspired and made me feel more confident about my career choices. I don’t think that my statements are particularly strong but this is due to me needing more experience and qualifications to advertise about myself.

Analysis- From this situation, I worked out how important it is to advertise yourself to other professionals. This is something that I hadn’t really thought about too much. I also worked out how important it is for me to create connections with other professionals and to ask for advice.

Conclusion- I feel I got everything I could from this task and found that I was able to successfully produce the work I wanted to. I also found that I was able to find ways to improve my LinkedIn profile, I was also able to create successful connections with other and found confidence to talk to new people.

Action Plan-  If I was to do this task again I would start with networking so that I could ask questions about what skills they find are more attractive to potential employers. This would’ve allowed for me to really hone in on them so that I could create a stronger advertisement for myself.


Career SWOT Analysis

Description- In this task we produced a personal SWOT analysis about ourselves in a professional way. This included strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats about ourselves in regards to our future careers.

Feelings- This was very interesting to do as it allowed for me to see what I need to improve on as it isn’t something I often think about. This module really allowed for me to have a deeper understanding of what future employers are looking forwards in candidates. I also found that highlighting my strengths made me realise how many transferable skills I have from my part time job. I always thought that my job wasn’t very helpful regarding a career in social media marketing.

Evaluation-I found that this task was good as it allowed for me to compare my skills to what employers are looking for. This is something that I hadn’t done before, I found it very eye opening and it allowed for me to create successful goals and find ways to complete them. I did find it a little disheartening at how far I do feel like I need to progress as I didn’t realise how much I still have to do whilst I’m at university and afterwards.

Analysis-  From this situation I have decided to set myself small goals that will eventually lead to more strengths than weaknesses. This will allow for me to create a new SWOT analysis so that I can continue to grow and become more confident in my work and life.

Conclusion- To further this work I feel like I could recreate a SWOT analysis after my work experience. I feel like this would allow me to see how much I have done since creating the initial one. This will show me how much progress I have created in such a short period of time.

Action Plan- If I was to do this again I would spend more time on this task and look at it from a personal and professional perspective. This will allow for me to create improvements in all aspects of my life.


Personal Planning


For this task we were asked to think about our futures and create a five year plan. This included producing goals for each of the years and creating a vision board for the next five years.


This was a very enjoyable task for me as I enjoy creating tasks and goals for myself. I am someone who creates vision boards regularly and enjoys manifesting goals for the future. I also found it interesting because I was able to look at what I need to do in order to progress in my future career.


I thought that this task when quite successfully as I was able to create a secure plan for the next five years whilst also being able to create a visual representation also. I found that there is a lot of steps to being at the level I would like to achieve in the future, this was good to find out as it allowed for me to understand how long it will take me to potentially get there.


From this task I have learnt that I would like to become a freelance digital marketer in the future. This is something that I hadn’t fully considered before, this is as it allows for there to be more flexibility alongside more interest in the companies that I represent. This is good for me as I enjoy being creative whilst also having variation and targets to achieve.


Overall this task allowed for me to create a action plan for the next five years. It also allowed for me to look at other freelance digital marketers and decide whether that was the career path for me. From this I have learnt that it is definitely something I would consider and would like to gain some relevant experience from a digital marketing company prior to trying to become freelance.

Action Plan-

From this task I have decided that I am going to try and follow this plan but also allow myself the grace of knowing that this may take less or more time to succeed and that that is okay. I am someone who enjoys working towards something and by having these plans I feel like I have created steady goals to achieve.


Ethical, Global, Sustainable and Regulatory Debates Within The Fashion Industry


For this session we were tasked with looking a few items of clothing from our own wardrobe and seeing where they come from and looking at their care labels.


I chose three items from my wardrobe that were from different brands and made of different materials so that I could have a variation of countries and care labels.


I was actually quite interesting to look at as I don’t tend to look at where my clothing is from and how they should be cared for. It made me think about checking these things before purchasing items in the future because I do think it’s important to buy from brands that care for their workers and use sustainable methods to produce clothing. These items of clothing do tend to be of a better quality meaning that they do last longer. This is something I do want to invest in as I would like to collect a good quality capsule wardrobe.

Evaluation –

I found that the experience was good as it allowed for me to be able to see the journey that items of my wardrobe had been through before I purchased them. This made me think about the lifecycle of garments and made me want to keep hold of them longer to ensure that they get worn enough. I feel that from now on I will purchase more fair-trade sustainable products from smaller independent UK brands. This is because I do find that they have better pay for staff and do use better materials.


From this task it has highlighted the importance of checking where garments are from. There are a lot of companies that don’t value quality or workers rights. I would like to try and not support these businesses and instead support business that do.

Conclusion –

I think to improve my work further I could’ve looked at more garments in detail. I could’ve also completed further research about the garments I did select to ensure that I fully understood them. I would also create comparison of the garments selected as they were all from different price points to see if a higher price meant higher quality.

Action Plan –

In future I will definitely look at care labels to see where the products were made. I will also when purchasing more premium items research into the company and see where there products are produced and look at the life cycle of the products.



Welcome to Professional Practice- The Fashion Industry


Abby here! This blog is a accumulation of different work I have completed within this third year module studying business with fashion. Hopefully from this blog we can see a progression in my work and in my confidence.

Throughout this blog there will be an insight into my personal and professional development. Hopefully this can give you some reassurance that you don’t need to know what it is you want to do yet! We’re all just working it out together.

Abby x