Overall Experience From The Module

Description- Through this module I have produced lots of work that is going to increase my employability and has allowed for me to improve my confidence. I have also completed some subject specific work experience that I probably wouldn’t have completed otherwise. I have also been able to look at different work options including freelance work.

Feelings- This module has made me feel much more positive about my university experience. I’ve found that I have been able to create a better perspective of what is necessary for my future career. I have also been able to produce work that has made me feel more secure in my career choices and helped me begin my professional career.

Evaluation- I found that it was a good experience for the most part. I found that producing working documents was very helpful. I also enjoyed the podcasting experience as it really opened my eyes to different ideas. I unfortunately didn’t really enjoy my work experience and feel like I could’ve gained more from a different company. I am very grateful for the opportunity but I do wish I had tried to find experience in a digital marketing experience.

Analysis- From this experience I have realised how important having a social media presence is. This allows for potential clients and employers to see previous work and see what skills I have. It is also a good way of being able to talk to other digital marketing people and gain an insight into networking events and different softwares that would be effective to use.

Conclusion- From this experience I do wish I had been able to complete the Adobe qualifications that are available whilst I’m a student. I feel like I could’ve tried to complete some extra work experience over the summer if I hadn’t been working full time at my paid job.

Action Plan- In the future I will complete the Adobe qualifications so that I can advertise that I’ve done them on my LinkedIn and add them to my cv. I would also like to complete some more freelance work to add to my portfolio and also restart my personal blog. I would also like to find some work experience for just after graduation for a digital marketing firm.