Personal Planning


For this task we were asked to think about our futures and create a five year plan. This included producing goals for each of the years and creating a vision board for the next five years.


This was a very enjoyable task for me as I enjoy creating tasks and goals for myself. I am someone who creates vision boards regularly and enjoys manifesting goals for the future. I also found it interesting because I was able to look at what I need to do in order to progress in my future career.


I thought that this task when quite successfully as I was able to create a secure plan for the next five years whilst also being able to create a visual representation also. I found that there is a lot of steps to being at the level I would like to achieve in the future, this was good to find out as it allowed for me to understand how long it will take me to potentially get there.


From this task I have learnt that I would like to become a freelance digital marketer in the future. This is something that I hadn’t fully considered before, this is as it allows for there to be more flexibility alongside more interest in the companies that I represent. This is good for me as I enjoy being creative whilst also having variation and targets to achieve.


Overall this task allowed for me to create a action plan for the next five years. It also allowed for me to look at other freelance digital marketers and decide whether that was the career path for me. From this I have learnt that it is definitely something I would consider and would like to gain some relevant experience from a digital marketing company prior to trying to become freelance.

Action Plan-

From this task I have decided that I am going to try and follow this plan but also allow myself the grace of knowing that this may take less or more time to succeed and that that is okay. I am someone who enjoys working towards something and by having these plans I feel like I have created steady goals to achieve.