Ethical, Global, Sustainable and Regulatory Debates Within The Fashion Industry


For this session we were tasked with looking a few items of clothing from our own wardrobe and seeing where they come from and looking at their care labels.


I chose three items from my wardrobe that were from different brands and made of different materials so that I could have a variation of countries and care labels.


I was actually quite interesting to look at as I don’t tend to look at where my clothing is from and how they should be cared for. It made me think about checking these things before purchasing items in the future because I do think it’s important to buy from brands that care for their workers and use sustainable methods to produce clothing. These items of clothing do tend to be of a better quality meaning that they do last longer. This is something I do want to invest in as I would like to collect a good quality capsule wardrobe.

Evaluation –

I found that the experience was good as it allowed for me to be able to see the journey that items of my wardrobe had been through before I purchased them. This made me think about the lifecycle of garments and made me want to keep hold of them longer to ensure that they get worn enough. I feel that from now on I will purchase more fair-trade sustainable products from smaller independent UK brands. This is because I do find that they have better pay for staff and do use better materials.


From this task it has highlighted the importance of checking where garments are from. There are a lot of companies that don’t value quality or workers rights. I would like to try and not support these businesses and instead support business that do.

Conclusion –

I think to improve my work further I could’ve looked at more garments in detail. I could’ve also completed further research about the garments I did select to ensure that I fully understood them. I would also create comparison of the garments selected as they were all from different price points to see if a higher price meant higher quality.

Action Plan –

In future I will definitely look at care labels to see where the products were made. I will also when purchasing more premium items research into the company and see where there products are produced and look at the life cycle of the products.