Career SWOT Analysis

Description- In this task we produced a personal SWOT analysis about ourselves in a professional way. This included strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats about ourselves in regards to our future careers.

Feelings- This was very interesting to do as it allowed for me to see what I need to improve on as it isn’t something I often think about. This module really allowed for me to have a deeper understanding of what future employers are looking forwards in candidates. I also found that highlighting my strengths made me realise how many transferable skills I have from my part time job. I always thought that my job wasn’t very helpful regarding a career in social media marketing.

Evaluation-I found that this task was good as it allowed for me to compare my skills to what employers are looking for. This is something that I hadn’t done before, I found it very eye opening and it allowed for me to create successful goals and find ways to complete them. I did find it a little disheartening at how far I do feel like I need to progress as I didn’t realise how much I still have to do whilst I’m at university and afterwards.

Analysis-  From this situation I have decided to set myself small goals that will eventually lead to more strengths than weaknesses. This will allow for me to create a new SWOT analysis so that I can continue to grow and become more confident in my work and life.

Conclusion- To further this work I feel like I could recreate a SWOT analysis after my work experience. I feel like this would allow me to see how much I have done since creating the initial one. This will show me how much progress I have created in such a short period of time.

Action Plan- If I was to do this again I would spend more time on this task and look at it from a personal and professional perspective. This will allow for me to create improvements in all aspects of my life.