Presentation Skills

Description- This session was all about creating confidence for presenting. This is something that I asked for due to negative past experiences. This session included a fun workshop where we were tasked with advertising random products to different members of the class. We were also tasked with producing a presentation about a random topic to present to the class.

Feelings- I found this session very daunting as I do struggle with presenting. I found that the workshop was very fun and I felt comfortable working with my peers. I didn’t feel under pressure and felt at ease talking about a subject for a prolonged amount of time. I did however find the concept of standing in front of the class very daunting and didn’t end up participating.

Evaluation- I felt good about being able to talk in-front of peers and being able to work under pressure as we didn’t have previous research about the topics instead we had to just make things up as I went along. This made me feel a bit better about working under pressure. I did however feel disappointed with myself about not presenting in front of the class as this is something that I really do need to improve on. Especially if I do work freelance as I will have to sell myself to potential clients.

Analysis- From this situation I have learnt that if I do put pressure on myself to try things that make me uncomfortable I am able to do it. I’ve learnt that I will underestimate myself and put myself down, meaning that I don’t allow myself to grow and improve.

Conclusion- If I had the opportunity to do this session again I would’ve ensured that I had pushed myself to present in front of the group so that I could’ve increased my public speaking skills.

Action Plan- In the future I will try and find situations where I am able to improve my public speaking skills. This could include networking events where I have to talk to strangers on the spot, which will build my skills up.