Description- In this session we learnt how to podcast. This included a practical activity and learning about how important podcasting can be for marketing. It also showed us how increasingly popular podcasts have become.

Feelings- I was quite interested in this topic as I do listen to a lot of podcasts. It was really informative to go into a podcasting studio and see how it works professionally. I unfortunately didn’t practically partake. This meant that I would struggle if I was to walk into a podcasting studio now to work on a podcast.

Evaluation- I found that this experience was very eye opening and made me consider looking into podcasting. I believe that with the correct concept I would be able to create a fun podcast that I would enjoy doing. The only negative I found was my confidence levels as I don’t think I would have the confidence to produce my own podcast.

Analysis- From this session I have learnt that if I was to become a freelance digital marketer I would suggest that clients try podcasting as an advertising type. This is due to it being able to reach new audiences.

Conclusion- If I could’ve done this task again I would have practically partaken in the session and perhaps booked a session for after the lesson. Just so that I could use the equipment and become more confident with it.

Action Plan- In future I will remember that podcasting is a good way of advertisement and wouldn’t be opposed to guest starring on a podcast. This would also improve my ability to talk in uncomfortable situations which will build my confidence in both my personal and professional life.