Personal Branding

Description-  In this task we were tasked with producing our own personal branding. This included a professional CV, business card and social medias. This was something that I had started previously however this really allowed for me to focus on improving them.

Feelings- I found this really interesting and would like to continue to grow these. I found it very inspiring to do and found myself looking at professional accounts for inspiration and wanting to create content like themselves. I was happy to increase my LinkedIn connections and have talked to numerous connections since.

Evaluation- I found this task a little difficult due to not having a huge amount of work experience, this meant that I felt that my accounts were lacking content. From this I have learnt that I can produce content for local companies and create a larger portfolio.

Analysis- From this task I have learnt that it is very important to advertise your skills and show your work off to potentially employers and or customers. I also learnt that it is acceptable to message other students and professionals asking for advice.

Conclusions- If I was to complete this task again I would try to have produced more work for a portfolio and also have already talked to local businesses about creating free social media content for them.

Action Plan- From this task I have since talked to local businesses and have began to create social media content for them .This is something that I would really like to continue whilst still at university. I will also continue to grow my LinkedIn network and contact them . This will create more opportunities for networking which could lead to potentially finding a opportunity for employment.