My Time At Triads

Description- My time at Triads lasted approximately 10 weeks and I worked between 10-20 hours a week. This included content creation for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and their online blog. I also helped to merchandise the woman’s department of the Linthorpe Road store. I also did primary research about competitors for the business and looked at their social media. This allowed for me to create a social media strategy plan which is still being followed. I also helped working on the shop floor by serving customers and picking online orders.

Feelings- After the experience I have mixed feelings, I feel that I didn’t find that my enjoyment was working in the fashion industry which is what I thought I wanted. Instead I found that my enjoyment came from the content creation instead. This has allowed for me to work out that I would like to complete some more work experience in digital marketing in a different field to see if I enjoy it as much.

Evaluation-I found that this experience was good for me. I found that it built up my confidence in a professional setting and also allowed for me to work within the fashion industry. I unfortunately don’t feel like I was able to take loads from the experience as it was cut short and there wasn’t a marketing team who could give me tasks and support.

Analysis- From the situation I was able to gain experience on new softwares and was able to work for a client which I have not done before. I found this was very helpful as it allows for me to put relevant work experience on my CV. I was also able to prove to myself that I am self motivated because I did create my own work and give myself deadlines to complete my work by.

Conclusion- I think if I had the opportunity again I would’ve asked more questions about the company and what they wanted. I would’ve also worked more in the other store as I found that was more informative and that the member of staff working there had a lot of stories and experience I was able to learn from.

Action Plan- From this work experience I have decided to message local businesses and ask if I can complete some free digital marketing for them. I would also like to try and gain some work experience from a digital marketing firm so that I can see what would be expected from me in an entry level position.