Fashion Freelancing

Description- In this task we were asked to look at freelance work in the field we want to work in, for me this was digital marketing.  From this we were asked to create a freelance value statement and produce a LinkedIn description.

Feelings- I found this very interesting as I have now decided that I would like to look into becoming a previous digital marketer. This meant that I really wanted to look at local freelance marketers to see how they created their businesses. I was able to talk to a freelance digital marketer about her experience and I found this very informative and made me think about what I would take from her journey to implement into my own.

Evaluation- I found this task went successfully as I was able to produce all the work asked. I was also able to network with digital marketers around me and ask for advice and find out how they became freelance. This made me feel more inspired and made me feel more confident about my career choices. I don’t think that my statements are particularly strong but this is due to me needing more experience and qualifications to advertise about myself.

Analysis- From this situation, I worked out how important it is to advertise yourself to other professionals. This is something that I hadn’t really thought about too much. I also worked out how important it is for me to create connections with other professionals and to ask for advice.

Conclusion- I feel I got everything I could from this task and found that I was able to successfully produce the work I wanted to. I also found that I was able to find ways to improve my LinkedIn profile, I was also able to create successful connections with other and found confidence to talk to new people.

Action Plan-  If I was to do this task again I would start with networking so that I could ask questions about what skills they find are more attractive to potential employers. This would’ve allowed for me to really hone in on them so that I could create a stronger advertisement for myself.