Week 10+ – Final Stages

So Its came down to the last part, making sure that the humans and alien ships are unwrapped, textured and rendered. Now coming to the end of the project I was unable to produce the textures for the second batch but they did get a simple colour one.

The 3D Print went through 2 trials, the first worked well which pleased me as my first 3d print. However, there was a few issues that needed to change for the second trial. The issues are as follows; Off centre BEYOND text, underneath issues, alien ship issues with tentacle and ship underneath and the human ship wings were too thin.

So getting ready for the second trial, the 3d print guy, Gary Quinn, suggested a way to hopefully get a better result. The idea was to separate the parts more, increase the thickness of the human ship wings, sort out the underneath of the alien ship and sort the underneath of the stand. To solve the underneath of the stand and the BEYOND text, these pieces became separate which would mean sanding down to fit but a better result overall. As a result to the changes, trial 2 went ahead and work well, happy result.

Below is the final render results of all the ships and the 3d print

Thank you,

This has been Project ‘BEYOND’

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Anthony Pearce

Week 9 – Unwrapped and Textured

Here we go, batch one not including the civilian ships(still under development) unwrapped and textured.

Now for the aliens.

Batch 2 is under development and the model to be 3d printed is almost ready for its trial print.

Week 8 – Continue

So taking the first steps of the civilian ships, I have modelled a cargo ship which is subject to change and made a low power cannon and the cargo crate and fuel tank.

Week 6 and 7 – Fleets assemble

Hey, this post is late, had a few issues.

Here we are with the renders of the alien ships, some are unwrapped and awaiting textures whereas the others are needing unwraps and texture.

As well as working on the aliens I have gathered all the models so far and textured a light grey colour to all the models, so here’s everything.

These are the weapons that fit on the human ships.

Next, unwrap, texture, decide on 3d print design and start on the small batch of civilian ships.

Week 4 and 5 – Whats Next

Now that all the beginning work is done its time for the main part, and its a big part. Now its time to create all the ships, unwrap and texture them, doesn’t sound too bad, right. Wrong, as I’m amassing ships to represent a fleet for two factions with hopefully 2 variants, it adds up, 38 ships in total.

So, previously I posted the ships and a crate, this time I have made a new crate with more detail and I am happier with the outcome. As for the ships, I am still modelling them with one of every human ship pretty much done with some work on the alien ships in the works. Once I have of each class done for the sides I’ll then move on to producing another set for them.

Update – Part 2

Here’s part 2. Carrying on  from part 1, here we have some silhouettes of the ships and the final 2 of each sheet which I have chosen to work on.

Usually I would work on thumbnails then concepts and finally developments before producing a final piece. If I was creating an artbook then fine I’d work with this process. But i’m looking at creating many models so creating bird eye view silhouettes gives me more time and freedom to let the mind create the models.

Anyways, here’s the silhouettes.

This is all the human ships, alien ships follow next.


Update – Part 1

This is going to be a 2 part update, part one is for the small backstories and a game overview along with the project logos. Part 2 will consist of the 3d print concepts and the ships.

Game Overview-
The game sets in 2771, the humans have ventured far from Earth with human colonies settled in 3/5th of the Milky Way, encountering many hostile lifeforms the humans and all lifeforms are at peace with one another. That is, until the Vloragg made their return and taking back sectors they say belongs to them. The Vloragg have amassed a huge fleet and are using that to take done colonies that don’t belong to them, the humans and other intelligent lifeforms that have mastered interstellar come together to stop the unreasonable Vloragg in all-out war.

The game follows the humans on the frontlines trying to stop the Vloragg from advancing, the player takes command of a squad from the fleet. The player’s task is colonised nearby star systems and a mass their own band for the fleet and stop the Vloragg from taking the systems.

Human Backstory-
The Space Age for the humans came in 2129, due to over population on Earth, climate change began changing drastically, even with colonisation on the Moon and Mars. The solar system was too crowded with humans, it was time for change.

Back in 2061 with the first colony on Mars and multiple on Earth’s Moon, a global company came on the rise ‘ArkNova’ was already in every category of business apart from space, they had satellites but that was as far as it had, 2096, ArkNova had a break through and was able to travel from Earth to Mars in 2 days, and from there began the spark of interstellar travel. 2129 was the first manned mission to explore out of the solar system, making ArkNova the new face of the space frontier.

Alien Backstory-
This race called ‘Vloragg’ has been roaming the galaxy for thousands of years and has been the most advanced lifeforms, until they came across the humans. In 2444, the Vloragg first came in contact with a human colony, as it was just a new settlement the Vloragg believed the humans to be weak and undeveloped. After observing the humans did they then realise that the humans were far more advanced than they seemed.

2617, the Vloragg decided it was in their best interest to attack the humans to see their strength. After an easy win it wasn’t till the humans retaliated with unexpected brute force, forcing the Vloragg back many systems but this wasn’t a war as such just a hard hitting telling off. 2770 a new leader of the Vloragg came to power as the previous passed away, the son and heir took the throne and his first action was to take back what was theirs and down anyone who opposed.

The image below is a piece of progress on a human frigate. This image is to show that i’m not working to high detail and the colours will be block colour and stylised.

I also have the project logos complete which are pictured below. I haven’t finished the faction logos as I haven’t decided on final ones. These will be on the next post however.


Part 2 will be posted the next day.


Week 3 – Rethink and Attack

So week 3, whilst I was working on the ship concepts I design to not work with the whole flying and underwater creatures and influence because it was slowing my thought process down and making me lose time on the project. so, I went free and created the thumbnails again but I’m much happier with the results.

I have also completed the backstories, 3D print model concepts and nearly have the development pages of the ships, these will be posted on an update post during the week.

I have also worked on the logos and I’m just prepping the final ones, again these will be added during the week in the update.

I have modelled a simple cargo crate and textured it to see if my initial texture idea would be any good and I have given myself the green light.

Using substance painter I was able to get the style I wanted, maybe turning down the glossiness apart from that its all good and going in the direction I wanted.

Week 1 and 2 – Research, Concepts and the Lil bits

Apologies for these two being together, the rest will be posted every Sunday.
Anyways lets start,

Week 1 –
With my proposal submitted it was time to put it to action. So, I have begun working on the faction-based parts that include backstories and logos as well as a project logo and overall story for the game.

With the research to base the factions on I have gone for a natural look. With the humans, I have looked at flying creatures for inspiration. As for the aliens, I have gone the complete opposite and gone with underwater creatures. I have gathered the images together and now its time to work the inspiration into ideas for ships, for example; the shape of a fighter may look like some sort of bird from all angles. With the alien one, as some maybe inspired by fish I don’t want the final image to be a RoboFish, so refinement with the alien designs will be key.

Week 2 –
So, now for the concept phase, I have begun working the shapes of the inspirations into an ok design at the moment with the tweaks being worked on.

The faction parts are almost complete too so the back stories and logos will be uploaded next post along with the concept pages.

I will be starting to create concepts for the 3D printed model during this week and will have the concept sheet for that posted next time too.

The image below are early concepts just to get a feel for the human faction consisting bombers for the first two images the fighters on the next and the last two of side and front ideas for bigger ships.

  Refined concepts and alien concepts posted next time.


Hello there!

Welcome to my Dev Blog,

I will be taking you on a journey with me as I work on my Final Year Project, this first post is simply an intro about myself and the work I will be producing. So, me, nothing to it really. I’m a 2D/3D Artist and Games Art Student.

Project ‘BEYOND’ is my sci-fi adventure, I am creating a small universe that features two factions, humans and aliens, both factions are at war. So I am going to create spaceships for the factions fleet, the assets will be for a stylised low poly game that would be played on PC and Console.

I have started work on faction work which consists of faction backstories and a general story overview for the setting of the game, I will also be making logos for the factions as well as a project logo.

Whilst I create the assets I want to make some concepts for the second part of the project which is 3D printing a ship, be it one from each faction on separate stands or a ship from each faction intertwining on one stand.