MIMA Creative Week

MIMA Creative Week is firmly set in the calendar for students in the School of Arts & Creative Industries – here’s what’s happening!

The week commencing Monday 24th October 2022 sees the start of our first of two MIMA Creative Weeks of this academic year, a week when we celebrate the diversity of creative subjects. MIMA Creative Week has been developed in response to student feedback, telling us that they wanted more time to develop their creative skills, the opportunity to explore the school’s wide range of facilities, take some time out to focus on their wellbeing and seek out new opportunities.

Victoria Graham, Waterhouse Building print studio

For this MIMA Creative Week we’ve put together an exciting timetable of activities, workshops, sessions and trips developed by academic and technical staff. Students and staff have access to a dedicated site which includes the timetable and a range of on demand content. Most workshops and sessions require booking, so students need to be quick off the mark to reserve their place! 

The schedule includes a range of school workshops, both online and in our studios around the campus, including:

      • Career boost sessions
      • Photography workshops
      • Adobe & Microsoft accreditation sessions
      • Visual Arts sessions
      • Art to Object workshops
      • Belonging banner design
      • Create tomorrow together session

Art & Design workshops throughout the week include:

      • Laser cutting
      • Book binding
      • Turning
      • Cyanotype/Blueprint photos
      • Create your own Album art

Media workshops throughout the week include:

      • Introduction to the TV Studio
      • Camera sessions
      • Lighting sessions
      • Audio creation sessions
      • Editing sessions
      • Sound stage introduction sessions

Students wanting to know details of where to book sessions, check for an email and blackboard announcement titled MIMA Creative Week advising of the schedule, or contact saci-school@tees.ac.uk for a schedule to be sent to you.

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