Week 2 – Themes

During the second week of this assignment, the aim was to achieve a better understanding of WordPress and the features within.

I took this opportunity to create a theme for my client’s website.

Running in line with similar bands’ websites, I opted for a basic theme which could be filled with emotive pictures and really give a feel for what the band stands for and the music they create.

This week was not as productive as I would have ideally liked, since I was attending training for my job for when I leave university, all the way down in Watford, near London.

Next week I will be continuing the training. However, the second part of the training is home-based, so I will have more opportunities to work on important university assignments alongside this.

Pre-production Stage

The first week on the assignment was used for picked groups and idea generation. However, the group was quickly disbanded due to creative differences and small changes in the assignment, and the members chose to work individually on their projects.

The initial idea for this website is a live-project for a client in the music industry; a heavy metal band from Leeds, UK, without a website.