Middle-period work

cleaned data













environment setting

  • illusion corridor scene

  • illusion horror room


lighting test

  • illusion corridor wall light

illusion corridor


  • illusion horror room_ window

illusion horror room_lamp

illusion horror room_main door

Planed topic ‘What inside me’


For this final project, I am going to produce a short 3D animation to show around a person’s part of life with bipolar depression. My main aim of this project is to develop my mocap and keyframe skills, audio-visual language and cinematic camera movements.

For this purpose, I am going to combine the motion capture system with keyframe trim later. I want to focus on character performance this time. Thus, I will download suitable character and creature models from the internet. Then I am going to capture the performance data, create the main scene, storyboard and set the lighting by myself.

Because of the special story that I want to express. I planned to separate the character animation into two parts, very high energy action and low depression movements. And then I will use background music and lighting effects to switch between the two states. For enhance the dramatic performance, it might be added some character facial and creature’s animation as well. (That depends what my script and storyboard going on)



My motivation for this project is that I have a passion for the motion capture system. my aim for this time is to combine the keyframe skills I used to use with the motion capture system I have learned and develop them both to make the final works better.  Furthermore, I want to be accepted into the industries, which also requires me to develop higher animating skills and more fantastic portfolio.

On the other hand, I wish this work can attract more attention from society to those minority who are suffering from mental illness. To help them gain more understanding and respect from society by understanding what they are going through.