Polypogon viridis

Oil Pescott and I were excited to independently discover the alien grass Water Bent (Polypogon viridis) new to the streets of Sheffield and South Yorkshire, UK, in 2013. We initially reported this finding in Sorby Record (article reproduced on this page) and on Oli’s blog, sacrevert.

Water Bent in the streets of Sheffield

We then realised that Water Bent was actually relatively frequent in Sheffield which made us wonder whether it had been under-recorded so far or whether it had colonised the city centre very rapidly.

The Water Bent project was born!

Please help us to answer this question by completing our questionnaire – we are particularly keen on hearing from those living in the Northern parts of the British Isles and from those who have NOT observed the plant in the field until today.

Water Bent Questionnaire

You can read more about our work on Polypogon viridis:

Water Bent inflorescences at various stages of decay

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