2019-present. I initiated the Earth, Ecology and Environment Research Collective with aim to facilitate research in ecology and the natural environment at Teesside University, UK.

2020. Hosted the Yorkshire Palaeo Group (YPG) spring meeting at Teesside University. The meeting could not take place in-person because of the covid-19 crisis but took place in the form of a zoom videoconference instead.

2018. Davis A. and Baker A. Advancing our understanding of long-term ecology – a Thematic Session at the British Ecological Society Annual Meeting 2018, Birmingham, UK. Session keynote: Jack Williams, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.

2016-2018. Co-chair of UCL’s Environment Domain Early-career Network (EDEN). (Co-chairs: Dr Carla Washbourne and Judith Ament). Website.

2016. Workshop organiser. Lake BESS in the Broads. Workshop Announcement.

2015. Workshop organiser. Lake BESS in the ULE. Workshop Announcement.

2015. Workshop co-organiser: NERC-BESS resilience workshop, London. (PI Prof Adrian Newton, Bournemouth, co-organisers Dr Phil Martin and Dr Hannah Burton). Workshop Announcement.

2012-2013. Workshop co-organiser: Palaeo50 Workshop, University of Oxford. With Dr Alistair Seddon (Bergen, Norway) and Prof Anson Mackay (UCL). Grant applications, workshop publicizing and organization, publication of results. Publication.

2003-2005. Head of Charity: Non-profit organisation La Galerie, Geneva, Switzerland.

Relevant grants held

2015. £4000 from NERC-BESS. For organising a workshop on ecological resilience held at Darwin House, London, June 2015. (PI Prof Adrian Newton, Bournemouth, co-organisers Dr Phil Martin and Dr Hannah Burton)

2012. £8000 from the British Ecological Society, the Quaternary Research Association, Pages-IGBP and the University of Oxford. For organising a horizon-scanning workshop with international participants. This workshop led to the publication of Seddon, Mackay, Baker et al. 2014, Journal of Ecology. (PI Dr Alistair Seddon, Bergen, Norway, co-organiser Prof Anson Mackay, UCL).

2009 – 14. A total of £1700 worth of small grants to attend botany field meetings and identification courses (from Jesus College, Oxford, the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland and the British Bryological Society).