Identification and other resources

This page contains various botanical resources that I have produced with my research.

1. For our publication Law et al 2019, we developed macrophyte morpho-groups, based on  Willby, Abernethy & Demars (2000 – Attribute-based classification of European hydrophytes and its relationship to habitat utilization. Freshwater Biology). These morpho-groups classify all aquatic plants, including vascular plants, bryophytes and macro-algea, encountered during 156 pond and lake surveys. The groups are based on traits such as growth forms, life cycle and degree of submergence.

2. British and Irish list of Aquatic plant.There is no universal criterion for telling which plant taxa is aquatic and which is not. This compilation aims to facilitate botanical and ecological work involving aquatic plants and is only provided as a guide. Every project will have different objectives and may require a different list of aquatic plants. See for example this article by Ray Goulder for more information on the subject.

3. Key to the identification of dung fungal spores as recovered in sediments. This work comes from my thesis and if you intend to use it, please cite my papers about dung fungal spores: Baker et al. 2013 and Baker et al. 2016.

4. The ‘Catalogue of Macrofossil Types‘, back by popular demand, in its original version. Note that there are a few dubious identifications in there, so please be cautious (just get in touch if in doubt).