Grant Success

2021. £2000 from the Forestry Commission. Beaver introduction: a virtual tour.

2020. £10’000 from the North York Moors National Park. Rye Reflections: Ryevitalise Landscape Partnership” (PI Jen Hagan, Teesside University)

2020. £750 From the British Bryological Society. Viruses in Mosses. With Dr Jamie Bojko and Adam Ozkan.

2015. £4000 from NERC-BESS. For organising a workshop on ecological resilience held at Darwin House, London, June 2015. (PI Prof Adrian Newton, Bournemouth, co-organisers Dr Phil Martin and Dr Hannah Burton)

2012. £8000 from the British Ecological Society, the Quaternary Research Association, Pages-IGBP and the University of Oxford. For organising a horizon-scanning workshop with international participants. This workshop led to the publication of Seddon, Mackay, Baker et al. 2014, Journal of Ecology. (PI Dr Alistair Seddon, Bergen, Norway, co-organiser Prof Anson Mackay, UCL).

2009 – 14. A total of £1700 worth of small grants to attend botany field meetings and identification courses (from Jesus College, Oxford, the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland and the British Bryological Society).