Recent observation and status of alpine clubmoss in the North York Moors (VC 62 NE Yorks)

My interests and skills as field botanist, researcher and university lecturer promoting teaching and learning of ecology in the natural environment, came together very nicely, when discovering a botanical rarity in the North York Moors (NYM) during a field trip with student.

This finding is now reported in BSBI News 150 pp37-39 Alpine Clubmoss. If you are interested in botany and would like to join the BSBI, then please, should to There are links to the join page and Louise’s blog, where people can download a sampler of the issue and a free article.

Finding alpine clubmoss (Diphasiastrum alpinum) at Danby Beacon challenged my identification skills. As a member of the BSBI (Botanical society of Britain and Ireland), I was able to benefit from the panel of referee, experts ready to help with any critical identification.

Also it prompted me to research previous observation of this species in the NYM, reported in the article. Key sources of information were the NBN Atlas, the BSBI database as well as this article.

The article even includes data collected by Teesside University student when practising a key skill in ecology and conservation: measuring vegetation structure and plant biodiversity using quadrats (illustrated below).

Recording plant biodiversity in acid grassland in the New Forest (Hampshire, UK), using a 1m x 1m quadrat.