Evangelism is the new development of promotion. Enticing your target market to buy and speak of your product is a key way to gain a product sales and attention. Evangelism is defined as ‘Finding the emotion in the product and spread the feeling’ (Wani, 2013).

One specific way that Adidas use evangelism is through player sponsorship. They identify elite sports athletes and have them as representatives of the brand through wearing their products. Additionally to this however, Adidas also partner with some of the most famous athletes to create products in their own style and designs, often using the name and trademark of the player.

Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba and Mesut Ozil are prime examples of players with their own products made through adidas.

Adidas clearly select the elite performers who play on a world stage and have a large band of followers. All three of these players play within europe’s elite teams and play for three international teams who are all within the top 10 in the world.   By doing this, they are identifying players with such large followings who look up and aspire to be like these players. This links with the feelings and emotions of the consumer. To play like them, you have to dress like them, right? It is clear to the consumer that the products must be good as the players are wearing them and constantly performing well in them.


The three specific footballers all have adverts made about them from Adidas. This not only creates an advert, but a brand campaign and links to social media. Using hashtags through social media is linking to the younger audience, who predominantly will look up to the players. The video is motivating and emotive, giving the viewer a feeling of emotion and passion, which is attention grabbing alone.

They achieve word-of-mouth promotion through a range of innovative ways. Firstly, their products are seen on the elite athletes and if viewers see players wearing them, they will generally speak about them. Additionally, they use social media campaigns like the ‘there will be haters’ to show their stars with products, which will gain millions of views. Thirdly, they use mass following of sponsors to gain attention from their followers. They make all of their work emotive and make customers feel like they need the product.

Lionel Messi has over 80 million instagram photos. By him uploading a picture, this will gain the boots such a huge amount of attention, the word of mouth promotion will be huge.

Mintel (2008) see viral marketing as growing and becoming very successful.  They also identify the risk in it, as it may not be fully effective. However, I believe Adidas are destined for successful word of mouth due to the size of the brand and affiliates they have.

’ According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising’ (Whitler,  2014). This statistic shows why it is so effective to use Evangelical techniques in marketing. By gaining a customers trust, it opens up many reviews and assuring products are good quality, which in turn means that the use of elite athletes is effective.

Overall, Adidas use effective brand images and followings to reach such a large amount of customers. This is very effective and there is no surprise they are at the top of the market for sportswear, by using these techniques.


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