Ant-man visual effect 1

Ant-man is a movie that everyone is familiar with.




Starting here, I’m going to do the third Ant Man visual effect. This  shot is  a short story and has a series of continuous actions. Firstly, the character stands up in front of the camera and makes the movement of twisting the machine, then he leaves the camera.  Set a key frame and move the center of the image to the bottom of the character, then change the size of the character, set the key frame and motion blurring, and zoom out the character from top to bottom (from head to leg).

standing and twisting the machine

zoom out with motion blurring

While character zooming out, the effect of the remaining human body in the lens – a transparent and blurred body like a ghost. Adding a flash effect (Find edges and CC Radial Fast Blur) while duplicating multiple layers set key frames and adjust the size of the lens to create a more dynamic feel.

‘ghost body’

Find edges and CC Radial Fast Blur