The visual effects of this assignment were completed in AE, and the teachers and classmates gave me a lot of valuable suggestions, including the understanding of reference materials and the model’s performance of the face action (when he saw his hand disappear, his face showed panic).

Whether it is animation production or visual effects production, when the character scene appears, the requirements for the character’s action or expression are very strict. Accurate action can well reflect the story and visual effect of the film. In making animations and movies, we can not only rely on scripts and stories, but also have a better understanding of film creation.

This subject can help me understand animation well, whether it is the performance action training in class or the feedback homework after class (animation homework or performance story based on script cooperation). Practice and theory are closely related.

Last shot

In the last scene, I shot a graffiti aisle and adjusted the color to a reddish color, which is consistent with the background tone of the final particle effect.

And in these two scenes, instead of using songs as background music, the sound of rain and thunder is used to predict the end of the story and the disappearance of the characters.

Original scene


Scene color matching

Particle Background

Streetscape with Lyric

These street scenes were shot in London, and there is a connection between the different scenes. At the same time, I also set up a 3D camera tracking in AE to use the tracking points of the scene, associate the words with these points, and create the lyrics change their position as the scene moves.


Because these scenes and visual effects scenes are shot at different times, I have done some color matching for the coordination of the scenes to make the color of the picture relatively uniform.


Scene color contrast


Ant-man visual effect 2

The effect of take-off is the same as the above method, the difference is only the change of the center point and the change of the flash range.

Finally, the characters shrank and run on the railings. The main consideration here is matting effect and changing the position of the figure shadow following the movement of the character under the illumination of light.


Ant-man visual effect 1

Ant-man is a movie that everyone is familiar with.




Starting here, I’m going to do the third Ant Man visual effect. This  shot is  a short story and has a series of continuous actions. Firstly, the character stands up in front of the camera and makes the movement of twisting the machine, then he leaves the camera.  Set a key frame and move the center of the image to the bottom of the character, then change the size of the character, set the key frame and motion blurring, and zoom out the character from top to bottom (from head to leg).

standing and twisting the machine

zoom out with motion blurring

While character zooming out, the effect of the remaining human body in the lens – a transparent and blurred body like a ghost. Adding a flash effect (Find edges and CC Radial Fast Blur) while duplicating multiple layers set key frames and adjust the size of the lens to create a more dynamic feel.

‘ghost body’

Find edges and CC Radial Fast Blur



I tried to rewrite the story: A man wandering around the city in the streets and alleys, he lost his memory, only some vague memories: fighting with people or had made some fantastic actions. as the place went on, he remembered that he had become powder and disappeared in the ruins and the air.

Particles effect 3

I did particle effects in AE software, the key point mainly in the actor’s expression and motions and the time when the particles disappear. Through combine character action with particle effects in AE and  key frame the animation of mask is used to control the disappearance time of particles.  Although I didn’t shoot the scene in the green screen classroom, the matting and feathering  effect in AE also make the characters not very different from the background. The picture can also show a more coordinated effect, without black edges.

I duplicated two composite layers of characters. One of them sets the particle effect and mask effect, and add turbulent displace effect to the mask so that the character is not the disappearance of rules. Another character placed under the particle character layer also has a mask effect. In this way, a part of the character first becomes a particle and disappears, while the rest of the body is still the original human body.

Character Layer

Particle Character Layer

Composite Layer

Characters become particles and disappear from right to left