Personal Branding


In preparation for securing a work experience opportunity at Triads, I strategically enhanced my personal branding across various platforms. This included updating my LinkedIn profile, adjusting privacy settings on other social media accounts, creating a professional website on WIX to showcase my work experience, and redesigning my CV and business cards to present a more inviting and serious image.


Taking the initiative to refine my personal brand invoked a sense of empowerment and confidence. The process of curating my online presence to appear more enthusiastic and dedicated made me feel better positioned to pursue and attain valuable work experience at Triads.


Updating my LinkedIn profile to reflect my enthusiasm and interests was a constructive step in aligning my professional image with my aspirations. Ensuring privacy settings on other social media accounts reflected an understanding of the impact of online presence on professional opportunities. Creating a website served as a comprehensive portfolio, and the redesigned CV and business cards added a tangible, professional touch to my personal brand.


Applying Gibbs’ reflective theory, this strategic effort in personal branding signifies a proactive approach to professional development. Recognising the significance of online presence and presenting a cohesive image across various platforms reflects an understanding of the contemporary job market and the importance of personal branding in career advancement.


The deliberate efforts in refining my personal branding played a pivotal role in securing work experience at Triads. The curated online presence, coupled with professional documents and business cards, contributed to presenting a more serious and committed candidate, aligning well with the expectations of the fashion industry.

Action Plan

Continuing with this proactive approach, I plan to regularly update and maintain my online presence, ensuring that my profess

ional image remains consistent and reflective of my evolving skills and experiences. Additionally, I aim to further explore avenues for personal branding, leveraging digital platforms to enhance my visibility and credibility within the industry.