Key Role in Website Redesign: Transferring Product Data at Triads


In the course of my work experience at Triads, a significant part of my responsibilities involved setting up the new website by transferring product information from Visualsoft to Shopify. The task primarily focused on migrating product images, along with crucial details such as names, descriptions, color codes, sizes, and the indispensable style codes unique to each brand.


Undertaking this responsibility elicited a mix of feelings. The manual and labor-intensive nature of the task was challenging, but it also presented a valuable opportunity to understand the intricacies of e-commerce setup. Witnessing the meticulous effort required for each product, I felt a sense of responsibility to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the transferred data.


The manual transfer of product information proved to be a time-consuming and detailed process. Each product required dissection, involving the careful retrieval of images, names, descriptions, color codes, sizes, and the vital style codes. The latter, in particular, was identified as crucial not only for search engine optimization but also as a means to validate the authenticity of brands.


Applying Gibbs’ reflective theory, the manual transfer process highlighted the importance of attention to detail in e-commerce. The intricate nature of disassembling and reconstructing product data underscored the critical role accurate information plays in creating a seamless online shopping experience. The emphasis on retaining style codes for brand authentication illuminated the multifaceted aspects involved in maintaining the integrity of an online retail platform.


The manual transfer process, though demanding, proved to be a necessary step in ensuring a smooth transition to the new Shopify platform. Recognizing the significance of accurate product information, especially style codes, reinforced the importance of maintaining brand credibility and optimizing the website for search engines.

Action Plan

As I continue my work experience journey, I aim to delve deeper into the intricacies of e-commerce and data management. The hands-on experience in transferring product information has provided valuable insights into the meticulous work required for maintaining an efficient online retail platform. Moving forward, I aspire to apply this knowledge in future endeavors, contributing to the seamless operation and growth of digital commerce platforms.