Embarking on my work experience journey with Triads


Embarking on my work experience journey with Triads, I found myself thrust into an exciting project: the transition from Visualsoft to Shopify for the company’s website. This substantial undertaking was estimated to cost around £10,000, signaling a significant investment in the digital transformation of the business.


Being part of the team tasked with such a pivotal project stirred a blend of curiosity and anticipation within me. Witnessing the determination and enthusiasm of my colleagues involved in this transition heightened my eagerness to contribute to a project of such magnitude. The realization of the financial commitment for the website overhaul also sparked a sense of responsibility to ensure its success.


The decision to switch from Visualsoft to Shopify was prompted by a critical issue that had been plaguing Triads – a misalignment between the stock system and the website. This miscommunication resulted in discrepancies where items sold in-store were not reflected accurately on the website. Consequently, customers were unwittingly purchasing products that were no longer in stock, leading to a negative impact on the company’s reputation and customer satisfaction.


Applying Gibbs’ reflective theory, the evaluation highlights the importance of seamless integration between the stock system and the website in a retail setting. The previous system’s failure to synchronize real-time stock updates led to operational inefficiencies and customer dissatisfaction. The decision to invest in Shopify is a strategic move to address these issues, providing a more robust and synchronized platform for managing inventory and enhancing the overall customer experience.


The consequences of the misaligned stock system on the company’s reputation and customer trust underscored the necessity of this digital transformation. The decision to invest £10,000 in the Shopify migration is a proactive step towards rectifying these issues and future-proofing the online retail presence of Triads.

Action Plan

As part of my work experience, I aim to actively contribute to the Shopify transition project. My goal is to learn and understand the intricacies of e-commerce platforms, particularly during a migration process. Observing how such critical decisions are made and executed will undoubtedly enhance my understanding of the intersection between technology and business operations. Going forward, I aspire to leverage this experience to contribute effectively to similar projects and decision-making processes in my future endeavors.