Week 11

Week 11:

Continued on review.


Week 10

Week 10:

I worked on my report as I couldn’t think of anything else to add to my project.


Week 9

Week 9:

Added more to my first floor of my level.

Added a health pickup mechanic.


Week 8

Week 8:

Increased size of level and added more walls to allow the player to strategically avoid enemies.

I also added an enemy spawning mechanic.



Week 7

Week 7:

Changed enemy movement speed to be slower than the players to allow them to escape and regenerate health.

Added mechanic to rotate camera when holding right click.


created basic blockout of level.


Week 6

Week 6:

I created a mechanic to regen health.

sequence from event AnyDamage from respawn mechanic.

I looked through reviews of total war saga troy to see what people didn’t like about it and how what I’m designing will improve it, here are some reviews that I saw:

“Most beautiful total war in terms of design, but the user interface is trash, way too many complicated buttons, and it feels empty.”

This review complains about how total war saga troy feels empty, this can be improved by making the level that the player moves around in have multiple routes to an area and areas to avoid enemies and ambush them.

“There’s some great concepts in here but they need to modernise the engine , upgrade the AI, particularly if they want to focus on diplomacy which has never been the games strong suit and really think about how to make it a fun experience because it doesn’t feel like it has that factor right now, maybe the mythology pack will change things.”

This review complains about the AI and how it could be better, this can be improved by using a NavMesh to move around a level, this will allow the enemy to move to any point of the map in an efficient movement and also allow the enemy to chase after a player after they see them.

“I feel the campaign map side of things in total war games never gets too much wrong, same goes for Troy. Except for the woeful diplomacy which is nothing more than a purchasing centre, there no strategy involved once again, just make the agreement score go green and you can sign a deal.”

This review complains about the diplomacy aspect of total war troy, this could be improved by making the growth of relations go up slower but have negative actions cause the growth to fall drastically, you could also remove the diplomacy entirely for the player, having enemies fight each other or work together to fight you or another faction.



Week 5

Week 5:

Fixed issue where health bar wouldn’t update when damaged.

Source used to fix issue:

I designed a mechanic that allows the player to move across the map and towards enemies by clicking with the mouse.


I also made a mechanic where the enemy ragdolls before being destroyed five seconds later.



Week 4

Week 4:

this week I had to remake the movement mechanics as my project became unable to open.

I also worked more thoroughly on the enemies giving them:

  • Death where the enemies model is destroyed.
  • The enemy has the ability to see and move towards the player.
  • The enemy can damage the player.


VSP Lecture 8 – AI

I also work on the player giving them:

  • Death & Respawn
  • Health Bar



Weeks 1-3

Hello, welcome to my blog that will be showing my progress through my industry briefs ICU.

  • Week 1:

During week one I researched Total War: Troy as I have never seen it before. I used all the time during my session looking at all the mechanics used in Total War: Troy’s gameplay to see what I would be able to design in a different method.

  • Sources:

What I looked at to see the gameplay of Total War: Troy.

I also looked at weapons that were used during the time period to make it more accurate.

  •  Week 2:

In week two I decided upon designing the movement and AI battle mechanics, I also decided to remove the smaller world that the player moves around in and leave the larger world that the player fights enemies on, this will give more time to work on the battle mechanics.

I also created a proposal based on what I decided and how I would do it.

  • Week 3:

During week three I started this blog and wrote down what I did during my first two weeks. I also started working in engine and have got to move to a random location and wait for 3 seconds before moving to another random location.