Block-out finished

I have continued to work on my block-out adding some small details such as ground rubble, a dirt road and balcony supports. I have added a section of long grass also to help improve the game-play aspect of the scene as it will open up surprise attack possibilities.

Images of completed block-out:

Basic block-out started

To help meĀ  visualize my ideas for my Artifact i have created a very simple block-out that shows the basic layout of my environment and what will be included. I have created three houses of varying sizes/ shapes and have placed them where i believe they should in the environment; i have also applied basic crumbling to various parts of the buildings giving the impression a battle has already taken place.

Images of my basic block-out:



To help give me an end goal for my artifact I wrote a basic proposal detailing some of the more important aspects such as: What I will be doing, how its relevant to the chosen game and what I will need to create it.

The full Proposal is wrote below:

For my artifact I will create a small scene featuring 2-3 small to medium scale buildings. This scene will feature a small dirt street winding through the middle with buildings along the side. The scene will have some battle damage such as rubble and debris along the sides of the buildings. I will keep the buildings and surrounding environment in line with the given time period as to make it suitable for use in the chosen game Total War: Troy.

I wish to study environments as I feel they are my strongest point in modelling and where I feel the most comfortable. Environmental modelling also allows me the creative freedom to create any relevant model from a given time period allowing me to expand my skills in modelling.

To develop my artifact I may model/ texture small plants and trees to help give my scene more life and make it more in line with the given games environments. I may also add additional details such as basic weapons lying on the floor to further give the impression that a battle was fought in the area. In order to create the scene and all the assets inside it I will use the 3D software Maya, this will allow me to create and texture any asset needed. For references I will use historical websites as well as images from the given game to help shape my buildings and assets, I will rely more heavily on historical websites however as some in game assets such as arrows may be edited to appear more powerful in a game setting.