EDAS upload issue – Bottom Margin

“Upload failed: The bottom margin is 1.334 cm on page 1, which is below the required margin of 2.44 cm.”

If you are getting an error message from EDAS similar to the one copied above when you are uploading your manuscript, please remove the IEEE Copyright Notice in the footer that comes from the IEEE A4 template and re-upload the full paper manuscript for review.

We will investigate the issue and resolve it for the final camera ready submission.



International Steering Commitee May Meeting

The International Steering Commitee of UPEC met on 25.05.2021 to review the plans for UPEC2021. Sharing a few screen captures from the meeting.


Information on performing paper review using EDAS

Reviewers of UPEC 2021 may find these instructions from ITU-T Kaleidoscope Conference useful The information is a few years old but the review steps described are still essentially the same for UPEC 2021. Ofcourse UPEC’s review criteria are different from ITU-T Kaleidoscope Conference


EDAS submission – Missing fonts within the PDF during submission issue

This is a common error we have seen. Please use these steps to resolve:

  1. Open the PDF
  2. Select File -> Print
  3. Set the printer as Adobe PDF
  4. Click on properties
  5. Click the tab “Adobe PDF Settings”
  6. Uncheck “Rely on system fonts only; do not use document fonts”
  7. Click on the Edit… after Default Settings
  8. Click on Fonts, add those missing fonts to “Always Embed” or remove any fonts from “Never Embed”
  9. Save the new settings file
  10. Print the PDF with the new settings and upload
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Welcome to the 56th International Universities Power Engineering Conference, UPEC 2021

Hello Everyone, Welcome to IEEE 56th UPEC 2021 hosted virtually by Teesside University. We will keep posting content relevant to authors, technical programme committees and other attendees on to the blog regularly. Thanks to everyone involved for supporting UPEC 2021.

Best regards

Dr Gobind Pillai (Chair, UPEC 2021)