Week 7

I will design on the user interface this week, because I joined it halfway, so I discussed it in Jordan. I need to create a basic hud within ue4 using the designs.

This is the picture Jordan sent me, and I need to implement it on UE4. So I need to finish these designs this week. in PS, I drew an image of the player’s blood volume

However, with the creation process, it is found that there are some problems in the way of displaying the number of bullets. If the rifle has 30 bullets in one magazine according to the original design, if 30 bullets are drawn as shown in the picture, it will be unsightly, so Jordan and I decided to use the digital counting method

The color of numbers will change according to the number of bullets, which can help players know the number of bullets clearly and solve the previous problems.

Week 6

This week, I realized last week’s plan, the overall level ratio became smaller and the stairs were diversified. In the choice of stairs, I chose wide stairs, which can help players have a lot of operability on the stairs. For example, when players meet enemies on the stairs, they can avoid or do some sweeping, which creates greater possibilities for players.



I prefer the simple and clean style, so the design of the whole level is not very complicated. Players can see the rough terrain of the whole level at a glance, so the stairs are the visual key point of the whole level.
I also reduced the scale of the level, which will be more in line with the model scale of AI.

However, with the meeting on Friday, my level design was cancelled for some reasons, so I went to UI desgin. After discussing with joardan, I learned my task and the idea of UI in team engineering. Next week, I will learn about UI.


  1. This week, according to last week’s design, I completed the scene construction in UE4.

In the process of creation, I basically completed my original design idea.

There are three floors from the parking lot to the elevator. The parking lot is on the bottom floor. Players need to start here and enter the laboratory.

Then to the laboratory hall, this is the first floor frame of the whole laboratory

For the design of stairs, I give up the structure of straight stairs, which is very monotonous, so I made two simple stairs and spliced a flat plate in the stairs, which made the whole scene appear diversified instead of monotonous stairs. Players can fight zombies on the stairs or some interesting mechanisms

I’m going to design this place on the second floor as a restaurant. Compared with the design of the whole laboratory, there are relatively few rooms in the hall, so I only designed three rooms on the second floor, which won’t make the hall look complicated. This is also my idea from interior design.

I basically completed the framework of the scene this week, but there are also some shortcomings, such as the parking lot stairs are too monotonous and simple, the frame ratio of the model is too large, and the ratio of AI is too different. I will improve these shortcomings next week. There are also design of the trigger conditions for the level.