Week 4

This week, I focused on the level design and completed two level plans (top-down). The background of my design level is the laboratory. At first, I didn’t understand the main core of design. After discussing with Josh, I learned that the main theme of the laboratory is clean style, which also makes my design thinking clear.

In the last semester, I also learned the skills of level design, the whole work is not very difficult.

Here is my design:

Figure 1 is the actual picture inside the laboratory. In Figure 1, 2 and 3 represent the appearance mode of the enemy respectively. The key is used to open the weapon library. Players can obtain special weapons to help them become more powerful. The elevator is the only way to the second floor.

Figure 2 is the external design, players get off the train, need to enter the laboratory.

The overall design inspiration comes from the design ideas of CS go and Escape from tarkov. Next week I’ll do scene design on unreal 4.