Week 1-3

In these three weeks, I spent a long time to understand the team’s ideas, and also to understand the mechanism of the game of the house of death. Because of different countries, I have never been in touch with the game before, so in these three weeks, I studied the style, playing methods and categories of the house of death. Because of the language barrier, at first I didn’t have a good understanding of the idea and concept of the team, but as time goes on, I also slowly follow up the team and understand my position in the team.

In the game, we join the train mechanism, and I am responsible for creating the train game. In terms of train style, I chose Amsterdam to create a train model in the style of a city. I found a lot about the background and cultural customs of Amsterdam on the Internet, and determined the direction of the train. In addition, I’m also going to conceive the birth point of the player, the birth point of the enemy (windows, rooms, etc.), the material point of the player, and the game playing method of the first level. The next step is to draw the design of the level on paper or Photoshop, and mark the important information on the map.