Week 3 – Free Verse vs Formal Poems

Free Verse poetry

Free verse poems do not follow the usual rules involved in poetry. Free Verse poems have no rhyme and no rhythm to them but are still as artistic as poetry with form. Free verse poems are usually thought to be part of the modern poetry movement but the free verse has been used for hundreds of years. in my opinion, I enjoy free verse poetry as unlike poetry with form the raw emotion and feelings of the poet are poured onto the page without any thought. I believe free verse is a great way to write poetry as the writer is able to use everyday language to emphasise the simple beauty of everyday speech.


Formal Poetry

Formal poetry or metrical verse follow set “rules” that the poet has chosen to stick to whilst writing their poetry. These rules usually regard things such as the stanza lengths of the poem and rhyme patterns are also  There are several traditional, commonly-known types of formal poetry as this type of poetry is the most commonly accepted type of poetry. Formal Poetry, in my opinion, is not my favourite type of poetry as it is constructed and thought about before it is published. I would much rather read emotions and interpret a poem in my own way rather than the poem be fed to me.