Week 2 – A Question of Form

There are many different forms when it comes to poetry. Forms are used for various reasons and in this weeks blog post i will discuss what a form is, why form is used in poetry and how the use of form alters a poets work.

Form, in poetry, can be understood as the physical structure of the poem. the form is basically the length of the lines within the poetry, the rhythm that is used throughout, the system of rhyme and repetition. From is usually reserved for the type of poem where the features talked about above have been shaped into a pattern, or a familiar type of flow.

There are many different types of forms, there are common 14 line Sonnets, there are lyrics, which are usually included in music and song. There are narrative forms of poetry which are longer and tell a story. These forms are all useful as they contribute and add to the character of the poetry. A form, in my opinion is what either makes or breaks a successful poem, narrative, ballad, sonnet or song.

In my own opinion i believe that the actual form used in poetry is important to the writer and the reader as it acts as a type of scaffold for their raw emotions and feelings. Form helps translate raw emotions and chaos into a smooth, flowing poem that can be shared and understood by many. Form in my opinion, is a great way to ensure that the poetry has more frame to it rather than the poem being a cathartic release.

Although i do enjoy poetry that has a structure and a great Form, i do not dispute that some of the worlds best loved poets have produced great poetry by going astray with their feelings. I do enjoy form, but i am not ever going to stop loving chaotic, raw emotions poured onto a page, a book, a song any less.