Short Story

Ana’s apartment is cold, quiet dark, very basic. She doesn’t have a lot of possessions, her lounge has only a sofa, a coffee table, a tall silver lamp and a large leather trunk none of which match. Her house doesn’t resemble her personality at all. She was loud and funny her outfit always resembled a rainbow, bright colours and lots of sparkle. Her apartment is strange, it could be literally anyone’s, anyone’s but hers.

I didn’t know Ana not really. We had mutual friends and I we used to go to the same bars and clubs so I would see her around but most of what I know about her is from the newspaper. “A bright young spirited girl with a brilliant sense of humour” that’s what one article said “Witty, colourful and smart” said another. She can’t have been that smart I remember thinking. Now I’m stood in her apartment I’m met with an overwhelming feeling of sadness but also intrigue. I didn’t mean to come here it just sort of happened. I have been reading a lot about her recently, newspapers, blogs ect and one of the blogs mentioned her apartment was up for sale. I checked and there it was, 2-bedroom apartment for sale viewings welcome and here I am at a viewing a flat that belonged to a dead girl I barley know.  The estate agent keeps looking at me eager to know if he’s going to get any commission out of me. I sigh, spin around on my heels and walk towards the bedroom.

Her bedroom is small the smaller out of the two which is strange. The other room the larger one is totally empty just a cream carpet, cream walls and a large window. Her room is also cream. I know its her because she has a picture on her bedside table, her and what I have come to understand (through the newspaper) is her sister. They don’t look alike at all. Ana had dark hair cut into a very precise bob, pale skin and was only around 5”3 however her sister looks so tall in this picture almost twice the size, her hair is blonde, long. She is wearing a cap and gown. It must have been her sister’s graduation. It’s a sweet picture.

I can feel a warmth on my neck as if someone is sanding very very close to me. I didn’t hear anyone come in and last I checked the estate agent was in the kitchen. I turn around. “Hey Shelley” “oh it’s you, you gave me a fright” “what are you doing here” “what am I doing here, what are you doing here. I’m here for a viewing” you do know who’s flat this is don’t you” He looks at me intently, I’m so confused. I didn’t know he new Ana, how did he get in here, why didn’t I hear him. I look up at him and his face has changed, its contorted and angry. I start to walk, out of the room towards the kitchen to where I know the estate agent is. He’s gone.