Drink List

Babycham Beaujolais: Light, smooth and fruity and yet with a hint of depth and complexity Black and Brew: 2 measures of Kraken Black Roast poured over ice, topped with cold brew coffee Bordeaux Red Wine Brockmans Gin and Lemonade Champagne Courbis Echo Falls, Summer Berries The Godfather (Whisky, Amaretto, Coke) Guinness Haig Club Whisky Kopparberg, … Continue reading “Drink List”


Rachel- For myself, Linda, Joe and Sarah this blog has helped keep us somewhat sane over the past few weeks. We hope that this blog can be a good distraction for others too. Theory can be challenging and intimidating at the best of times but we thought we’d break everything down for you so that … Continue reading “Conclusion”

1950s Perspective

Sarah- George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four is considered an influential novel. Terminology such as doublethink, Newspeak and Big Brother have become fixed within the English language. Terms such as propaganda, surveillance, authoritarian politics or perversions of truth are synonymous with Nineteen Eighty-Four. At the time of its first publication in 1949 nobody could have predicted the enduring relevance of this book.   In the years after its publication each generation has been able … Continue reading “1950s Perspective”

Interpretive Communities

-Sarah Reader-Response Theorist, Stanley Fish first introduced the concept of interpretive communities in his 1976 essay Interpreting the Variorum. Fish suggests that the interpretation of a text is dependent upon the subjective experience of each individual reader of the text. Fish proposes that readers form part of an interpretative community and that interpretive strategies or a set of community assumptions can influence a reader to … Continue reading “Interpretive Communities”

Newspeak Dictionary

Linda- Artsem – artificial insemination. The only accepted method of producing children. Big Brother –  The omnipresence of the government. A fictional leader who is personified and idolised by the Oceanic population. Bellyfeel – Full emotional understanding and acceptance of a concept. Blackwhite– Loyal willingness to say black is white when party discipline demands this. … Continue reading “Newspeak Dictionary”