Post 10 – Final Optimisations

Hello, for one more time!

This week was quite jarring if I’m honest. Between time constraints of the merge as well as other modules, a sub-par amount of work has been completed this week, and I accept this.

On the bright side, my individual essay as well as blogs are all finalized upon the end of this post, and so even though I haven’t been outputting a significant amount of work within my program, I have been working towards the end of this module.

To conclude what I stated in my reflective essay, this experience has been mostly positive. I apologies to my team for the absence of work this late into the project, and I express my gratitude to all members of Team 7, or ‘7 point games’, as they have all been incredibly helpful towards me, and I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for everyone.

Thank you all, it’s been a fun journey, man. (see what I did there? I’m hilarious).